How CEREC Technology Improves The Quality Of Your Dental Visits

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When visiting the dentist, you want a positive experience and a quick appointment. For these reasons, it is best to look for a dentist that uses Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic or CEREC for short. However, before you choose a specific dentist, you need to know more about CEREC so you can see how this technology improves the quality dental visits.

 No More Impressions

One of the steps for creating a crown or veneer for your teeth is an impression of your mouth. Unfortunately, the impression process is uncomfortable, because you have to sit with the impression material in your mouth for several minutes. These materials generally taste bad and it can be difficult to hold your mouth perfectly still so they impression comes out right.

CEREC on the other hand, removes the need for these materials and makes the process much easier to handle. This method uses a specialized camera and computer program to get an accurate image of your mouth within a few minutes.

Unlike other methods, the most you need to deal with in having the dentist move the camera around your mouth. Additionally, if you need to move your jaw for a moment, the dentist can stop and allow you to do so without compromising the quality of the image.

 Minimal Visits

Aside from the comfort level, the CEREC system allows you to get the work you need done with minimal visits. Other dental methods such as traditional wax impressions require a lab to complete the building process for items like crowns and veneers. However, with the digital method, the dentist controls each aspect for the items you need from the comfort of their practice.

The CEREC system comes with the milling machine, which allows the dentist to create the piece in 30 minutes to an hour. Before digital dentistry, the dentist would have to send the impression to a lab and then wait a week or more before the piece could be used. By utilizing this technology, you no longer have to worry about multiple visits to complete the dental work you need done.

When you need to improve the look and quality of your teeth, you want the process to be quick and comfortable. Many of the traditional methods are not conducive to making this happen. Therefore, it is in your best interest to find a dentist, like, that offers digital dentistry, so you can get the work you need done in a comfortable and timely manner.