How To Temporarily Fix Broken Dentures

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If your dentures break and it is after hours so you can't get to a dentist, there are a few other options you have. Here are some tips for taking care of broken dentures on a temporary basis until you get into the dentist.    

Get a Denture Repair Kit

Many drug stores sell denture repair kits to help you make temporary repairs until you can get a replacement set or have your dentist repair your broken dentures. The kits will come with everything you need to repair cracks or teeth in the dentures that have fallen out completely. They include a strong adhesive, acrylic teeth, sanding and other tools, and detailed instructions. Remember that even if the denture repair kit works well on your dentures, it is not going to last a long time. You still need to schedule a dental appointment to get a new set.

Use Epoxy

If you can't get your hands on a denture repair kit, you might want to try fixing it yourself with epoxy. This is done if you still have the pieces that broke off, such as if a tooth broke, but you still have that broken piece, or if the entire mouthpiece broke down the middle. Epoxy lasts long enough for you to continue wearing your dentures until you get a new set. Epoxy is a type of adhesive that holds two pieces of plastic and other materials together and is usually found at craft stores and hardware stores.

Follow the directions on the package, which usually indicate applying it to the broken pieces and fitting them together. It needs to dry completely before you put the dentures back in your mouth. Fine-grit sandpaper is often used after it dries to give you a smooth surface. They also need to be rinsed thoroughly before used.

Try an Acrylic Tooth

The last option you have for a temporary fix is by getting an acrylic tooth. This is used when you don't just have a broken piece in your dentures, but a tooth have completely broken off the mouthpiece. If you couldn't find a denture repair kit with a tooth inside, you can purchase an acrylic tooth and epoxy adhesive from your local drug store. Follow the same epoxy instructions for placing the acrylic tooth inside the denture mouthpiece. It won't be the exact same size as your other one, but it should be a good replacement until you can see a family dentist.