2 Dental Rinses To Prevent Inflammation While Wearing Retainers

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The period after your braces are removed is called the retention period. During this period, your dentist will install permanent retainers into your mouth. These retainers are installed to help prevent your teeth from moving back into place. How long you will have to wear your permanent retainers depends on how severe your alignment is. While retainers are important for the health of your teeth, they can also create issues if they are not cleaned properly. Retainers can easily lead to bacteria and plaque buildup. Retainers often lead to inflammation because they are difficult to clean. If you notice inflammation around your gum line, then you most likely are dealing with plaque buildup. Fortunately, there are a few dental rinses that you can use in order to maintain a clean mouth while wearing permanent retainers.

Tea Tree Oil Rinse

If you check the dental rinses in your local grocery store, you will see that some of them contain tea tree oil on the ingredients list. This is because tea tree oil contains antibacterial properties that help to attack and kill off bacteria before it has an opportunity to grow and spread. Tea tree oil is extremely powerful, therefore it should be used sparingly. In order to create a homemade tea tree oil rinse, add a few drops of the oil to a pot of hot water and allow the pot to simmer at low heat for a few minutes. Remove the pot from the stove and allow the mixture to sit for a few hours. Once the time is up, use the mixture to clean around your retainers and gum line. This rinse should be used after every meal in order to avoid infection and inflammation.

Oregon Grape Root Rinse

Oregon grape root is packed with antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that make it ideal for treating open wounds. The herb can also be used to fight off bacteria in your mouth. A dental rinse can be created out of the herb by steeping it in a pot of hot water until a tea is created. Once the water is no longer clear, remove the pot from the stove and allow the rinse to cool. Before drinking, add a few drops of lemon juice from a fresh lemon to the mixture. Use the dental rinse to soak your gums and clean around your gum line. Allow the dental rinse to sit in your mouth for a few minutes before you rinse it out with plain water. Oregon grape root rinse should be used after meals in order to get the best results.

Dealing with inflammation caused by a bacterial infection can be difficult when you are wearing retainers. Therefore, use these dental rinses to ensure that your mouth remains healthy. Visit a website like http://accentdentalnwi.com/ to learn more.