3 Benefits Provided By Dental Implants

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Dental implants are a fantastic resource that can help you deal with tooth loss and the issues that come along with tooth loss in a number of different ways. Listed below are three benefits provided by dental implants.

Denture Anchoring

A major problem that many people face when wearing dentures is that they can be very inconvenient to wear, mostly because they can slip and move around a lot. When the dentures move around, they can scrape the gums and cause pain. In addition, dentures can also move about a lot when speaking or eating, which can be somewhat embarrassing and very frustrating.

However, you can use dental implants that are designed to apply anchor points for the dentures and keep them firmly in place. These work by having dental implants that have a ball on top of them that are meant to fit into sockets underneath your dentures.

Bone Stimulation

One of the biggest problems that you will face when you begin losing teeth is that the bone in your jaw will begin to deteriorate over time. The reason for the deterioration is that the bone in your jaw requires stimulation in order to grow and repair itself, stimulation that is typically provided by your teeth when you chew your food.

However, a dental implant will be able to provide this stimulation and prevent bone loss because the implant will be placed in a way that reaches your jawbone and fuses to it. As a result, every time you chew with your dental implants, the motion will send stimulation down into the jawbone just as your natural teeth do.

Facial Reconstruction

Finally, dental implants are a great resource if you have experienced extensive tooth loss due to a lifetime of poor oral hygiene or due to an accident that removed a large number of your teeth. In that situation, the loss of a lot of teeth will cause the overall structure of your face to change, which can greatly alter your appearance. Dental implants can be used to replace all of the lost teeth and help reconstruct your face to try and restore your appearance to what is was before the loss of the teeth.

Speak with your dentist today in order to discuss the many ways in which dental implants may be able to help you. Implants are a great resource that can help you keep your dentures in place, prevent bone loss, and help rebuild your facial structure. Consult with companies like Cumberland Periodontal Associate for more information.