2 Natural Mouthwashes To Keep Your Stent Free Of Bacteria After A Ridge Augmentation Procedure

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A ridge augmentation is often performed immediately after an extraction or in order to prep for dental implants. The procedure involves placing healthy bone and gum tissue back into the areas that were depleted of healthy bone during your tooth extraction. Your dentist will typically take tissue from the roof of your mouth in order to complete this procedure. In order to protect the surgical site near your palate, your dentist will give you a stent to wear once the procedure is done. The stent is designed to protect your surgical site from external elements until it heals. However, the stent can end up developing a bacterial infection if it is not cared for properly. Therefore, there are a few natural mouthwashes that you can use to prevent his from happening.

Andrographis Mouthwash

Andrographis is considered to be a multipurpose herb. The plant is used to soothe anything from chronic pain to severe colds. Andrographis is extremely useful because of its analgesic and antibacterial properties. Its antibacterial properties make it effective in keeping areas free of bacteria contamination. The leaves of the andrographis plant are often used as natural remedies. In order to create your own mouthwash, start by taking a scoop of dried andrographis leaves and placing it in a large cup. Fill the cup up with hot water and set the mixture aside to steep for an hour. After an hour, add a few drops of lemon juice and use the mouthwash to cleanse your stent as well as your mouth. Focus the mouthwash on the roof of your mouth in order to remove any bacteria buildup.

Anise Mouthwash

Anise is frequently used in the kitchen in order to create baked goods and teas. In addition, the herb is a staple ingredient in natural remedies because of its antibacterial properties. Anise seed can be used to clean areas that have been contaminated by bacteria infection. In order to use anise seed in your mouth, start by placing two spoonfuls of anise seed in a medium-sized pot. Add three slices of fresh lemon and place the pot on high heat until it boils. Once it boils, remove it from the stove and wait for it to cool. Add two drops of peppermint oil and work the mouthwash around your mouth. Focus on your palate and your gums in order to eliminate any plaque and bacteria buildup. Use the anise mouthwash before bed and in the morning in order to keep your stent clean.

Maintaining a clean stent is important to the health of your mouth after a ridge augmentation. Therefore, use these natural mouthwashes to keep your mouth and stent clean. Contact a company like Dansville Family Dental Care for more information.