Veneers ~ They Might Be The Best Dental Procedure For Common Teeth Problems

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Are you having problems with any of your teeth? If so, you may be wondering which dental procedures can be used to preserve or correct your dental issue. Perhaps you fear that complicated dental work may be required to give you a beautiful smile. Many people are unaware that veneers can be used to correct a number of dental issues.


Teeth may become misaligned for a number of reasons. Sometimes the alignment may result due to chipped teeth or natural wear and tear from eating. Gaps are another issue that some people have. Veneers can be used to give teeth with these cosmetic issues a more uniform appearance.


Your teeth may become discolored due to consuming certain foods or drinks. Some people also have tiny cracks in their teeth that easily become discolored. These people may attempt to use whitening techniques to enhance their "pearly whites." If you have found yourself seeking whitening treatments, investing in veneers is a long lasting investment that could take care of your problem once and for all. Otherwise, you may find yourself continuing to spend time and money to keep your teeth white. 

Orthodontic Alternative

Perhaps you have been to an orthodontist for a consultation, and you may have been told that you are a good candidate for treatments. You may not have realized that many people who desire to have oral imperfections corrected by orthodontic treatments are good candidates for veneers too. Some orthodontic treatments can take years to successfully complete; however, veneers can give you instant results, and you will likely pay a fraction of the cost.

Some people do not like the appearance of braces and fear that they will hurt their mouths. They may even have reservations about advancements in technology that offer a "clear" appearance. For example, there are ceramic braces that mimic tooth color and clear aligners on the market. Ceramic braces are not as obvious as metal braces, but they are still discernible. Removable clear aligners pose the risk of getting accidentally lost or thrown in the trash. 

A dentist is a good resource to use to determine if you are a good candidate for veneers. You may have to undergo other dental treatments before the procedure is recommended. For example, if you have tooth discoloration caused by decay and infection is present, a dentist will likely want to ensure that the infection issue is treated before recommending your veneers procedure.