Tips For Maintaining A Professional Image When You Have Braces

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When you work in a professional environment, your image is extremely important. You need to look professional at all times, especially if you have to interact with clients on a regular basis. So, if you need braces, you might be concerned about how they will affect your overall appearance. You can wear braces and maintain a professional image. You just need to make sure your braces don't stand out. Fortunately, by doing these things, you can make your braces less noticeable.

Choose the Right Braces

If you don't have braces yet, you should discuss the available options with your orthodontist. Not all braces are made from metal and require the use of colorful bands. Clear braces are a good option for people who need to maintain a professional image. There are two different types of clear braces available. Both options have clear brackets, but one option has metal wires and the other has tooth-colored wires. If you want the least noticeable option, get braces that have tooth-colored wires and clear brackets. Alternatively, you might be able to straighten your teeth using clear teeth aligners instead of traditional braces. Custom-made aligners are clear trays that you slip over your teeth to force them into alignment gradually. The trays are removable, so you can take them off when you brush and floss your teeth and during meals.

Choosing Your Bands

Both metal and clear braces use bands to apply pressure to the brackets so that your teeth move into place slowly. Every time your orthodontist adjusts your braces, you'll get new bands, and you get to choose the color. The color of the bands you choose can make your braces stand out or blend in, so you need to choose your bands wisely. If you have clear braces, it's simple, choose clear bands. If you have traditional metal braces, gray or silver bands will blend in with the metal brackets. You can also use clear bands if they are available.

Maintain a Good Oral Hygiene Routine

Oral hygiene is extremely important when you're trying to maintain a professional image, but it's even more important if you work in a professional environment and you wear braces. People who have braces tend to get chapped lips easily, so you should apply chapstick or vaseline to your lips regularly. Also, food tends to get stuck in braces. So, you may want to keep a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss at work so that you can make sure your teeth are completely clean after you've eaten lunch.

You shouldn't be ashamed of having braces as an adult. However, when you're trying to maintain a professional image, things such as brightly colored bands probably aren't a good option. Instead, try your best to make your braces blend in to maintain a neat and tidy appearance. For more information, contact offices like Braces Inc.