Protect Your Smile

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It's very important that you do everything in your power to protect your smile. Protecting your smile will include everything from doing what you can to keep your teeth strong, keeping them healthy, keeping them white, and preventing them from being damaged in any way. The tips and ideas expressed in this article will help you to be in a better position with regards to protecting your smile to the best of your ability.

Keeping your teeth strong

In order to keep your teeth strong, you are going to want to care for them as well as you can. Along with regular brushing, you should also be using a water flosser daily so you can remove as many particles as possible from the hardest places to reach in your mouth. You should also add a tongue scraper into your daily dental routine so you can significantly cut down on the amount of bacteria in your mouth. Drink things known to help with teeth and bones like milk and orange juice. Eat foods also known to be good for teeth and bones like yogurt, cheese, and vegetables.

Keep your teeth protected

One of the best ways you can go about protecting your teeth is to not put them in danger to begin with. This means you want to avoid those habits that can cause chipped or fractured teeth. One of the more common ways teeth get chipped or broken is by using them as tools. Don't use your teeth to open bags, packages or bottles. Also, a common way they get broken is when friends wrestle and an accident happens. If you are going to be goofing around with your friends, then you really should wear a mouth guard. You also want to wear a mouth guard any time you are going to be participating in any type of sport or other hobby that will put your teeth at an increased chance of being broken or even knocked out.

Act quickly in the case of an accident

If anything does happen to your teeth, you want to get in to see the dentist right away. This will increase the chances that they can save your tooth. If it can't be saved, then you may be looking at a replacement option that includes a crown, a bridge, a porcelain veneer, or even partial dentures. Getting a replacement tooth or saving the natural tooth quickly can prevent you from needing to deal with other dental issues.

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