Is Your Little One Telling You That They're In Need Of Braces?

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Do you suspect that your child is in need of braces? Here are a few signs that may mean that your suspicions are right:

The Adult Teeth Growing in Look Crowded

When there isn't enough space for your child's adult teeth to grow in properly, they may start to become crooked and look wedged in place as the mouth fills up with new teeth. The overcrowding of adult teeth as they grow in can make brushing and flossing uncomfortable for your little one and may even play a negative role in their self esteem as they age.

Your child may not know that they have an overcrowding problem if their teeth start to feel uncomfortable, so they won't likely communicate the issue to you. So, take the time to carefully inspect your little one's mouth as their adult teeth grow in and look for signs of overcrowding. If even a few teeth are crowding as they grow in, a dentist can help resolve the problem to ensure a healthy and happy lifelong smile.

Your Child Shows Signs of an Abnormal Bite

An abnormal biting pattern is another serious sign that your child is in need of braces. The types of abnormal bites to keep an eye out for include:

If you suspect that your child has an abnormal bite, your dentist can provide a diagnosis and help you determine whether braces would help the problem.

It Seems Difficult to Chew on Food

If your child shows signs or complains of general discomfort while biting or chewing food, it may be a sign that there is an underlying disease to address but it's just as likely that braces are needed to fix the problem. If teeth grow in improperly, they can cause pain in the gums when pressure it put on them, such as when eating a meal. If eating has become less enjoyable for your child since their adult teeth have started growing in, schedule a checkup to find out if braces will help.

Any inconsistencies that are discovered as your little one's adult teeth grow in should be considered a possible sign of needing braces. Your dentist should be happy to help you determine your best course of action no matter what problems develop.