The Truth Behind 3 Dental Implant Myths

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Considering dental implants? You may have had second thoughts about getting the procedure done due to some myths you have heard about them. Here is the truth behind 3 of those myths so you will feel assured about getting dental implants installed.

Myth: Implants Can Fracture Due To Cold Temperatures

Even though the titanium posts used for dental implant can get cold, it's impossible for a dental implant to fracture due to temperature. Your gums will heal around the dental implant, which makes the tooth feel as if it was real. Blood flowing to your gums keeps the surrounding tissue very warm, which makes it impossible for temperatures to get cold to the point where the implant itself can fracture.

If you were exposed to extreme cold temperatures, you would have other health concerns to be worried about before you thought about your dental implants.

Myth: Your Body Can Reject Dental Implants

The purpose of getting dental implants is because you want to replace missing teeth to make your smile look normal again. While organ transplants have the risk of your body rejecting the organ, this is not possible with a dental implant. The body won't reject an implant simple because it is an artificial item that is placed into the jaw bone.

While it is possible for a dental implant to fail, the reasons behind it are more clear. In fact, your dentist can even let you know if you are at a high risk of having a dental implant fail. This usually due to existing issues with gum disease or a lack of bone density in the jaw bone.

The key to a successful dental implant installation is to have the titanium implant integrate with the jawbone, so additional procedures like a bone graft can be performed to give the area more strength than it would have otherwise.

Myth: A Dental Implant Will Never Break

The post may be made of titanium, which makes the implant incredibly secure use supporting teeth, but the implant could break in extreme situations. Mainly if you experienced strong trauma to your face, such as being in a car accident, the implants could be forced out of the jawbone just like natural teeth would.

Implants will not break from normal use such as eating tough foods. The implants can even withstand teeth grinding and clenching, which may have been a big problem for your natural teeth in the past. Contact a dental office, like  Stone & Johnson Dental Group, for more help.