Prevent Stains In Between Teeth Cleaning Appointments

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If your dentist scolded you during your last teeth cleaning because you had severe staining on some of your teeth that was a direct result of drinking several cups of coffee each day, you may instantly think that you are going to have to give up your caffeine fix to help your teeth retain their brilliant shine. This is not necessarily true, however. You can use the guidelines below to assist with preventing stains so that you receive a rave review from your dentist during your next teeth cleaning session.

Reduce The Amount Of Coffee Consumed And Brush Often

Although coffee may be the main reason that your teeth were previously stained, reducing the amount of coffee that you drink each day may block most stains and will provide you with the boost of energy that you have grown accustomed to since drinking caffeinated beverages on a daily basis.

If you plan on drinking coffee on the go, pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, and bottle of water so that you can clean your teeth and freshen your breath before resuming your daily activities. Brushing soon after drinking coffee will prevent stains from setting, which could be more difficult to remove later on. 

Get Plenty Of Sleep, Take Vitamins, And Pack Snacks And A Drink

Did you ever wonder why you rely on coffee so much to help you make it through the day? Perhaps, you are not receiving enough sleep each night or haven't been eating foods or drinking beverages that are packed with essential nutrients. Changing your schedule can help you stop relying on coffee to make it through each day. Make a point of going to bed at the same time each night and purchase a bottle of vitamins that you can take each day.

If you still crave coffee, fill a small bag with flavorful snacks and a cool beverage and bring the bag with you to work or while you are running errands. Instead of purchasing a cup of cofee, turn to the snacks and beverage that you brought along to see if they will help curb your craving. 

Use A Rinse And A Tooth Whitening Product

Purchase a dental rinse that is designed to block stains and kill bacteria. Use the rinse after brushing your teeth to assist with counteracting stains. If stains still become evident after taking measures to ward them off, purchase a tooth whitening product. A gel or paste that is designed to whiten teeth can be used routinely and will help you maintain your dazzling smile.