3 Common General Dentistry Services

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At some point in their lives, every person has to visit a dentist to have their dental problems fixed. A general dentist could fix your issue or refer you to a specialist depending on the complexity of the matter. What exactly does a general dentist do? Find out more in this article.

Oral Examinations and Cleanings

Generally, you should visit your dentist at least bi-annually, depending on your oral health. The dentist examines your teeth during these visits before or after sending you to an oral hygienist that gives your teeth a cleanup.

Your general dentist may visually examine your teeth for signs of potential problems. This way, your oral issues are dealt with early before they escalate and require expensive treatment. To check for any signs of oral cancer, your dentist uses special equipment to detect areas of abnormal cell growth.

Dental Fillings

If you go to your dentist with a hole in your teeth, they are likely to recommend dental fillings. Dental professionals are devoted to helping you keep your natural teeth and will do all they can to preserve them instead of taking them out. They only resolve to the latter if the damage is too severe.

During the filling process, your dentist numbs the affected part of your tooth before taking out the decayed matter. Afterward, they clean out the tooth using water before finally installing the filling and sealing the tooth. One advantage of this procedure is that there is a variety of fillings you can choose from.

Dental Crowns

One day you might be in the field playing your favorite game when the ball hits you in the jaw. A portion of your teeth may come off in the process. If this happens, you need to give your dentist a call and let them give you an emergency appointment. Dental crowns are typically used to repair teeth that have been damaged by injury or decay. 

These dental restorations cover your tooth completely, preventing it from further damage. Usually, getting dental crowns installed takes at least two doctor appointments. During the first visit, your dentist will require you to make impressions of the affected tooth by biting into a certain material. The impressions are then sent to the laboratory, where the technician manufactures crowns that fit perfectly over your tooth. During your next visit, the dentist fits the crown and makes necessary adjustments.

Other services in general dentistry include tooth extraction and dental implants, among others. Do you need to see a dentist? Visit a dental clinic near you.