Are You A Candidate For Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

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While most people get their wisdom teeth pulled, some people don't find the procedure necessary. If you have wisdom teeth coming in or they have fully erupted, you may want to consider wisdom teeth extraction. Are you a candidate for this dental procedure? Only your dental surgeon can tell you for sure, so if you aren't positive you need wisdom teeth extraction surgery, refer to this guide. You should also get a referral from your general dentist for an oral surgeon if you need one.

You manage anesthesia well

If you manage anesthesia well and don't have a bleeding or blood clot issue, you can be a fine candidate for wisdom teeth extraction, even the surgery where you are put under general anesthesia. Get a recommendation from your doctor before undergoing any major wisdom teeth extraction surgery if you have had issues with being put under general anesthesia before or you are on blood thinners or have other medical concerns that can make this procedure difficult.

You have all your wisdom teeth erupted

Have all your wisdom teeth erupted? If so, you may be a candidate for wisdom teeth removal because your oral surgeon will be able to remove all your wisdom teeth at once. In some cases, wisdom teeth extraction can be done by a general dentist if they are fully erupted, not infected, and not attached to the jaw bone tissue excessively. If your wisdom teeth are not all the way erupted, your dentist may want you to wait until they have all come up.

You have dental discomfort or pain

If you are bothered by dental discomfort or pain, or your wisdom teeth are infected or impacted in your gums, then you should have wisdom teeth extraction performed right away. This is because if you allow your teeth to remain as they are, they can cause more pain in the mouth, infection can set in, your teeth can become crowded, or infection in your gum tissue can spread to your tooth enamel from an irritating wisdom tooth.

As such, you should report fever, foul breath, a strange taste in your mouth, severe pain, and any issues with illness or vomiting related to your dental pain to your dentist. You may be put on an antibiotic prior to having wisdom teeth extraction done.

Your dentist will tell you if wisdom teeth extraction is something you should consider. If you are in severe dental pain, call your dentist for emergency treatment right away.