Facts About Teeth Whitening Services For Dental Patients

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White teeth are clean and attractive. Unfortunately, it's normal for teeth to take on a yellow or greyish hue as people age and their tooth enamel thins. Certain habits can also contribute to tooth discoloration, such as drinking coffee and tea or smoking cigarettes and cigars. If you're troubled by the shade of your teeth, your dentist can help you with an in-office teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening treatment can beautify your smile in as little as 30 minutes to an hour. Here are four things you may want to know about professional teeth whitening treatments:

1. You can get better results from professional teeth whitening treatments than home alternatives.

Professional teeth whitening treatments are similar to the treatments you can use at home. However, the teeth whitening solution that your dentist has access to contains a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide than home alternatives. This can give you more dramatic results and whiter teeth. Your dentist will precisely apply the teeth whitening solution exactly where it needs to go, which can cut down on gum irritation.

2. You can choose the level of teeth whitening that you desire.

The level of teeth whitening that you achieved during your treatment will depend on the length of time that the teeth whitening solution is left in place. You can choose to whiten your teeth a lot or just a little. Let your dentist know about your preferences so they can tailor your treatment accordingly. 

3. You may notice some tooth sensitivity following your appointment.

Teeth whitening treatments can make some people's teeth more sensitive. If you notice this side effect, don't worry. Typically, enhanced sensitivity fades within a few weeks. You can manage your sensitivity by avoiding cold beverages and foods, which may make it worse. Toothpaste designed for people with sensitive teeth can also help you feel better until your teeth return to normal.

4. You may need to return for additional appointments.

In many cases, a single teeth whitening treatment is sufficient. However, people who want more dramatic results and those with significantly stained teeth may need multiple appointments to achieve the desired result. Your dentist can help you schedule any follow-up appointments that you need at the time of your teeth whitening treatment. You may be advised to space out your appointments to allow any sensitivity resulting from your teeth whitening treatment to fade. Even if you achieve the results you want within a single treatment, you may want to schedule an additional treatment in the future in order to maintain your results. 

For more information on teeth whitening services, contact a dentist near you.