Top Signs Dental Implants Might Be A Better Choice Than Dentures

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If you are missing teeth, you could be thinking about getting partial or full dentures. This could be an option for you. However, dentures are not your only option. Dental implants could also be a good option for you. In fact, if any or all of these things are true, you might find that dental implants will actually be a much more suitable choice for you.

You Have a Healthy Jawbone

One thing you should know is that in order to get dental implants, you have to have a healthy jawbone. This is because the implanting device that your dental implant will be connected to will have to be fused to your bone. If you have advanced gum disease, your jawbone might not be healthy enough for dental implants right now. However, there are bone graft procedures that you can undergo so that you will be prepared for your dental implants.

You're Only Missing a Few Teeth

If you are missing a lot of teeth, it might be quite expensive for you to have dental implants put in to replace all of your missing teeth. However, if you're only missing a couple of teeth, you might find that dental implants will actually be a better choice.

You Want a More Natural Look

Although dentures have come a long way over the years, they don't look quite as natural as "real" teeth in most cases. This is not the case with dental implants, however. If you'd like your smile to look as natural and beautiful as possible, then you're probably going to get the look that you want from dental implants rather than dentures.

You Want a More Natural Feel

You might have heard from other people that wearing dentures is not very natural. It can sometimes feel as if the dentures are moving around in your mouth when you don't want them to, and chewing can sometimes be difficult. You may never be able to eat some of your favorite foods while wearing dentures. If you want to basically feel just as if you still had your natural teeth, dental implants are typically going to give you the more natural feel that you're going for.

You Want to Reduce the Chances of Cavities

When you wear partial dentures, you're at a higher risk of dealing with cavities and decay in surrounding teeth. This is less of an issue with dental implants. Therefore, if you want to protect your remaining natural teeth, dental implants will probably be a good choice.

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