Wearing Dentures? Two Reasons To Switch To Dental Implants

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When you've lost one or more teeth due to age, gum disease, or some type of dental injury, getting dentures can truly put the pep back into your step. It's great to look in the mirror and see a full set of teeth each time you smile at your reflection. It's a great feeling and one that can last for a relatively long time. However, wearing dentures has some potential drawbacks that may become exacerbated over time. Maybe you are starting to get a bit fed up with the adhesives or find that taking them in and out of your mouth each night is a hassle. If you are searching for a different solution that will offer you more of what you're looking for, take a look at why it may be time to switch to dental implants. 

Prevent Jawbone Loss With Dental Implants

One unpleasant phenomenon you may be experiencing with your dentures is known as denture face. This occurs in many ways and for several different reasons. For instance, if your dentures aren't a good fit, they could cause your mouth to protrude outward. This results in a distorted profile that might make you self-conscious when you are out in public or if you take a picture. While this can generally be fixed by having your dentures refitted, there are other more serious issues that could come along that aren't as easily repaired.

Your teeth play a major role in stimulating and strengthening your jawbone. Each time you chew, the action sends ripples through your gums and into your jawbone, keeping the bone firmly intact. Dentures don't have the same effect and if you wear them for an extended length of time your jawbone could slowly deteriorate.

Because dental implants are attached to your gums they do a better job of imitating your actual teeth. Simply having them in place could be the very thing that keeps you from developing a sunken facial appearance.

Regain Your Confidence

It may be quite difficult to feel totally confident if you're scared your dentures will fall out at the worst possible moment. You can alleviate this fear with dental implants. The implants are permanent fixtures in your mouth so you are free to greet the world with assurance.

Your new dental implants are sure to make a big difference in your quality of life. Contact a local dentist to learn more about dental implants.