Do You Have These Bad Toothbrushing Habits?

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After so many years of taking care of your teeth, you may not question whether your toothbrushing regiment is good or not. You may think you're doing everything right, but the truth is that you might be making some mistakes. Here are some bad toothbrushing habits you might have developed over the years.

Buying the Wrong Toothbrushes

If you're like most people, you buy your toothbrushes at the local pharmacy or grocery store and don't give it much thought. However, choosing the right brush can help you keep your teeth in good condition, so you need to pay a bit more attention.

In particular, it is important to select a brush that has soft bristles. You may think that hard bristles are better because they can scrub harder, but over time that might lead to an erosion of your tooth enamel. Bristles that are too hard can also cause irritation of your gums.

Not Changing Up Your Routine

Like most people, you probably start brushing your teeth in the same spot every time you brush. Falling into a routine with toothbrushing means that you might end up brushing the same few teeth vigorously when you start out, but then brush the other teeth too quickly. To make sure that all your teeth are properly brushed, change your brushing routine every so often. Start your brushing on a different tooth every day, for instance. 

Not Taking Your Time

Brushing your teeth without any regard to time might mean that you are in fact rushing through the process. Try to make sure that you brush at least two minutes. When you brush for this long, you will have ample opportunity to brush all of your teeth on every side. You can also brush your gums and look for debris that may be stuck in between teeth.

While you want to take your time, don't go overboard. Once you start brushing for too long, your gums and teeth will start to hurt.

Not Looking at Your Teeth as You Brush

You might not think you need to watch yourself brush, but looking at your teeth in the mirror while you go over them with your toothbrush is a smart idea. As you look at your teeth, you can remember to use the right brushing technique and ensure that you're reaching every tooth.

Now that you are aware of some bad brushing habits you may have picked up, be sure to use the information here to correct them. Talk to a dental hygienist, like one from Legacy Dental Arts, about more ways to make sure that your teeth stay clean.