Minimize Red Wine Stains On Your Teeth This Holiday Season

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The holidays are a time when people like to drink red wine. In fact, some people like to drink a lot of red wine. Red wine is great for making the holidays more merry, but it also stains teeth pretty badly. This is because red wine contains tannins and chromogens, both of which contribute to the staining of teeth. The following smart habits can help you minimize the damage and keep your teeth looking beautiful and white.

Brush Your Teeth Before You Drink

Brushing your teeth before you drink will make the surface of your enamel slicker and less sticky. When you drink red wine, the smooth texture of your teeth will prevent wine from building up on the surface. This prevents your teeth from looking stained while you drink and also prevents your teeth from becoming stained in a more long-term way. Brush your teeth several minutes before you plan to start drinking wine. This will help the taste of the toothpaste to fade from your mouth by the time you're ready to sip.

Swish Sparkling Water Between Drinks

Keep sparkling water on hand. Between sips, swirl the sparkling water around in your mouth to help wash away the wine. If you're not into sparkling water, you can also keep a glass of white wine on hand for the same purpose.

Eat Fiber-Rich Crunchy Foods

Fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber, like broccoli, cauliflower, apples and celery, all help clean teeth by scrubbing the enamel as you chew. In addition, fibrous, crunchy foods help your mouth produce saliva. Your saliva acts like a rinse in your mouth, helping to wash away the ill effects of the red wine on your teeth.

Wipe Your Teeth

Dental wipes are a convenient product that you can carry with you in your purse or your car. Between glasses, use the dental wipes in the bathroom to wipe down your tooth enamel and scrub away some of the plaque that may have built up over the course of the evening. You can also brush your teeth again as an alternative, but if you're planning on drinking more wine afterward, the tooth wipes have a subtler flavor that may be less disruptive to your enjoyment of your beverage.

If your efforts don't have the success that you hope for this holiday season, cosmetic dentistry services may be in order. Contact your cosmetic dentist for tooth whitening services at the end of the holidays to help restore your smile and get rid of the stains.