Three Reasons Why Active Seniors Prefer Dental Implants

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There are plenty of choices you can make when choosing teeth replacements—like dentures, implants, and bridges. If you consider yourself to be an active senior or you're helping an active senior make the choice, there are several good reasons why dental implants are simply the superior choice. Here are three of them to consider.


Dentures aren't a great solution if you're fond of activities that jostle your head around a lot. For example, jogging, running, participating in extreme activities like paragliding, or even riding a roller coaster can completely shake a set of dentures out of your head. This is even more likely when you're doing something like riding a roller coaster, as one's head often hits the shoulder bars that are pulled down over your head. In extreme situations, this could even cause damage to a bridge and potentially cause you to need repairs.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are essentially just artificial teeth, but identical to real teeth in almost every way. They're independent, can't fall out, and are secured by the bone in the jaw, so they won't dislodge or become damaged even if your head hits a roller coaster bar.

Maintains Looks

Dental implants are ideal for keeping your looks in good shape. Unlike dentures and bridges, which don't supply pressure to the bones of your jaw, dental implants do. This pressure is necessary in order to keep the bones in your jaw strong and healthy. Without this pressure, your jaw could start to look saggy and make you look old, even if your skin is in good shape.

As an added bonus, if you've had missing teeth for a while, or opted for dentures or a bridge previously, dental implants can help to strengthen the bones, getting them closer to where they used to be. The sooner you get implants, the sooner you'll start seeing an improvement in your facial structure.

No Sense of Premature Aging

Finally, having dentures can make a person feel rather feeble or aged. Taking your teeth out at night and seeing yourself without them can make you feel older than you really are. Why go through that when you could have permanent teeth replacements that don't come out and are cared for just like real teeth by flossing and brushing?

Dental implants are the best choice for anyone who considers themselves to be an active, lively senior citizen. If this sounds like you, skip the other tooth replacement options and go straight for dental implants. You can contact a dentist like Gallery Dental with any questions or concerns you may have.