Reasons Why It Might Not Be Worthwhile To Save Your Tooth

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When your teeth are damaged, you might find yourself making the decision of whether or not to have them repaired or removed. You might think keeping your teeth would be the obvious choice, but there are some circumstances where you're better off having some of your teeth extracted and replaced with dental implants. 

Dental Implants are Strong

Dental implants rely on titanium as a replacement for the tooth root. This is inserted into the jaw bone. Because titanium is one of the strongest materials in the world, the implant is actually stronger than a natural tooth. However, the strength of the implant is determined to some extent by the strength of your jawbone. Dental implants will last for decades without needing to be replaced. They will not decay in the same way that natural teeth decay. However, you will still need to take good care of your dental implants. 

​Your Tooth Might Not Be Salvageable 

A common reason for why one of your teeth might need to be replaced is that they are vertically fractured. These cracks start at the root of a tooth and extend to the chewing surface. Because they do not show many signs or symptoms, they may go unnoticed for some time.

If you have suffered from severe bone loss, which may progress to tooth loss, you may need a bone graft, and it may be impossible to save your teeth. After your jawbone has been restored, you can have your teeth restored by receiving dental implants. A common reason for bone loss is that you are suffering from an ongoing periodontal disease.

If you have suffered from an accident that damaged a tooth severely or that damaged your jaw bone, you might not be able to save your tooth. After your jawbone has been reconstructed, you may be able to have your lost tooth replaced by a dental implant. 

You may suffer from bruxism, which is accompanied by occlusal wear that destroys much of the coronal part of your tooth. This can make it impossible to save your tooth, necessitating that it be replaced by a dental implant.

Your Dentist Might Recommend It

If you are not sure whether you should pursue dental implants, this is a decision that is best made while consulting with a dentist such as Amato Dentistry. While it is a good idea to save your tooth under some circumstances, there are other situations where you would be better off with a dental implant.