The Steps Involved With Professional Teeth Cleaning

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If it has been a long time since your last professional teeth cleaning experience, you might feel nervous about visiting a dental clinic for an exam. While this is a normal feeling people experience, you should not worry about it. Getting your teeth cleaned is a good idea every six months, and it will help you have healthier teeth. Here are the steps involved with professional teeth-cleaning services to help you know what to expect at your upcoming visit.


Before the dentist or hygienist begins cleaning your teeth, he or she will examine them briefly. This is done simply to spot big problems and to get an idea of what they will be working with. This brief exam will take a short amount of time and once finished, the cleaning will begin.


One of the first steps of the cleaning process involves scraping, and there might be a lot of scraping needed for your teeth, especially if you have not visited a dentist in a while. This scraping is done with a tool called a scaler, and the purpose of scraping your teeth is to remove the built-up plaque and tartar that is present. Plaque is a sticky material that turns into a tartar if left on the teeth, and tartar is a very hard material. It is easier for the dentist to remove plaque from teeth, but dentists will also aim to remove tartar too.

This scraping may sound funny to you, and it may even be a little bit painful, especially if the dentist needs to scrape hard right on your gum lines.


The next step the dentist will complete is polishing your teeth. Polishing is done with a small brush and toothpaste, and the purpose of this is to clean your teeth and make them smooth and shiny. During this process, the dentist may rinse your mouth with water from time to time and may suck the water out with a tool.


The final step in the teeth-cleaning process is a fluoride treatment. This is often completed with foam that contains fluoride. They will place the foam in a tray and will place this in your mouth for around two minutes. When finished, they will not rinse your mouth out but will suck out as much of the foam as possible.

After getting your teeth cleaned, they will likely look nicer and feel nicer. You will also get the chance to learn if there are any oral issues that need to be addressed. To get your teeth cleaned, schedule an appointment with a dental clinic today.